Economics and Business

    The Economics and Business curriculum aims to develop students’:

    • enterprising behaviours and capabilities that are transferable into life, work and business opportunities and contribute to the development and prosperity of individuals and society
    • understanding of the ways society allocates limited resources to satisfy needs and wants, and how they participate in the economy as consumers, workers and producers
    • understanding of the work and business environments within the Australian economy and its interactions and relationships with the global economy, in particular the Asia region
    • reasoning and interpretation skills to apply economics and business concepts and theories to evaluate information they encounter, make informed decisions and use problem-solving skills to respond to economics and business issues and events
    • understanding of economics and business decision-making and its role in creating a prosperous, sustainable and equitable economy for all Australians
    • knowledge, understandings and skills that will enable them to participate actively and ethically in the local, national, regional and global economy as economically, financially and business-literate citizens.

    Ref: The Victorian Curriculum, Humanities - Economics and Business

    The Humanities - Economics and Business Progression of Learning