Chapel and Sacred Spaces


Our MMPS Chapel, a place for prayer and worship is opened during regular times in the week for individuals, students and classes. The outside paved garden area provides a quiet, mediative space for private or group prayer. These spaces are utilised for class masses, liturgies and reflection. A beautiful bronze statue of Mary MacKillop, mounted on a red gum plinth stands prominently as a centrepiece in the garden area.

Artist in Residence Chris Sage and Regina Byrne from Hullaballoo Studios worked with students across all levels to produce an amazing contemporary large scale wall mural depicting significant events in the life of Mary MacKillop. As student and families make their way into our School, they often stop and take a moment to look at the work and the detail which captures our School story and the life of Mary MacKillop.

Arranged along a winding path is a series of coreten black steel cut-outs portraying events in the Passion of Christ. The Stations framed on tall columns positioned at intervals completes the dedicated out door prayer space providing opportunity for a prayerful pilgrimage while passing from one Station to the next reflecting on Christ's suffering and death. The Fifteenth Station focuses on the resurrected Christ.

Mural 2