Fundraising Friends of Mary MacKillop

The Parents and Friends of Mary MacKillop (FOMM) is a parent auxiliary which forms part of a subgroup of the Advisory Board.

The Parents and Friends of Mary MacKillop meets on a monthly basis, usually during the day. This committee supports the school in providing a contemporary educational setting.

The role of the Parents and Friends of Mary MacKillop Committee is to:

  • develop social activities that support the mission and vision of the school and parish
  • develop social activity that encourages and builds a community of support
  • raise money that support programs and initiatives in the school
  • support the improvement of facilities available at the school
  • enrich the general education opportunities for the students
  • work with the principal and staff
  • be a positive voice of support for the school and the staff
  • coordinate, promote and communicate fundraising opportunities
  • coordinate, promote and communicate social activities.