Student Leadership

Our warmest congratulations to our 2022 Year 6 Student Leaders:

School Leaders - Scarlett and Summer

Faith Leaders - Alanna and Natalie

Learning Leaders - Sharbel and Jasmine

Environmental Leaders - Indi and Ayda

House Leader - Eden - Phoebe

House Leader - Portland - Jaden

House Leader - Fitzroy - Natalie

House Leader - Penola - Cruz

In supporting and developing each person's potential in leadership, we provide students at Mary MacKillop Primary School with opportunities to witness and build leadership qualities.

Student leadership is encouraged and demonstrated throughout our school. Our senior students participate in a program designed to explore effective leadership and the qualities of a leader. The roles and responsibilities of accepting a leadership role are investigated further through a collaborative teacher and student led process.

Leadership opportunities are presented to all children regardless of their formal appointment to a leadership role. This encourages students to be leaders in the classroom, through their actions in the playground, through their support of others, and in their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or local community events. 

All Year 6 students are eligible to nominate as candidates for School Leaders, Faith Leaders, Learning Leaders, Environmental Leaders or House Leaders roles. 

Student leaders play an active role in our school community. They act as ambassadors and undertake additional responsibilities such as conducting school tours, leading assemblies and representing the school on special occasions.