Social Justice

Catholic Social Teaching is our framework for faith in action and reflects a deep commitment to supporting a range of charitable organisations giving priority to Catholic organisations and agencies, especially Caritas Australia, Catholic Mission, CatholicCare, St Vincent de Paul and the diocesan Charitable Works Fund Trinity Families. Students and their families are invited to participate in, or contribute to, fundraising as a means of social outreach. Our whole School programs facilitate opportunities for education and formation so that fundraising and social outreach do not occur in isolation, but are experienced and viewed within the full context of the Christian tradition.


In order to foster a response to our mission, MMPS students and families are presented with opportunities to serve others. During the year projects support parish initiatives and our grade level curriculum. While some of these initiatives are whole school-wide events, others are led by class groups and individual students, connected to the curriculum being offered in the classroom. Along with these initiatives, MMPS School also has a MacKillop Kids Group for students in grades 3-6 who have a strong desire to help with whole school or individual outreach projects. We hope our efforts throughout the year will instill in our students and families the Catholic philosophy of giving of one’s time, treasure and talent in thanksgiving for the gifts God has given to us. As found in Mary MacKillop’s writings, ‘Never see a need without doing something about it' (MM 1871).