Wellbeing - Characteristics of Wellbeing

The term ‘student wellbeing’ encompasses almost every aspect of school life - academic, social, emotional and spiritual.


At Mary MacKillop Primary School we seek to build healthy relationships between students, teachers and families. We recognise the importance of ensuring a child safety culture that promotes learning and builds effective processes to ensure that Mary MacKillop Primary School is a safe school. We provide many programs and policies that aim to assist students to feel safe and to build confidence and self-esteem as learners. We aim to develop in the students a sense of belonging, an understanding of values and the ability to build positive behaviours and relationships through dialogue and resolutions.


Our whole school community expectations are based on the Catholic values lived by St Mary of the Cross MacKillop:

  • Be Respectful - ‘Let us really love one another’ Mary MacKillop (1890)
  • Be Responsible - ‘Do your best and God will bless your efforts’ Mary MacKillop (1889)
  • Be Compassionate - ‘More than ever we should be humble and patient, charitable and forgiving’ Mary MacKillop (1884)
  • Be Courageous - ‘Have courage'; 'Do not be afraid’ Mary MacKillop (1873)
  • Be Problem Solvers - ‘Keep your mind in peace’ Mary MacKillop (1890)

These values are embedded into the curriculum and in day-to-day school life. Students are encouraged to enact them as active participants in the Mary MacKillop Primary School community.

Many aspects of student wellbeing are taught through the Religious Education and Victorian Curriculum.  

National Safe Schools Framework

Mary MacKillop upholds the guiding principles of the National Safe Schools Framework. The Framework provides guidance and support in developing a safe school culture.