Wellbeing - Student Behaviour

Mary MacKillop Primary School is a child safe school where everyone should be treated respectfully. We believe every person needs to feel safe and secure and that students need an environment that supports their learning, personal growth and positive self-esteem.

Staff work with students to establish what is expected with regard to student behaviour and to state how the school will respond to student misbehaviour.

At Mary MacKillop Primary School we endeavour to ensure that our school is a place where:

  • everyone feels safe, positive and cared for
  • positive relationships between teachers, students and parents/caregivers are fostered
  • rights and responsibilities are known, respected and protected
  • self-discipline and a capacity to accept responsibility for one’s own actions are nurtured
  • expectations for student behaviour and how the school responds to student misbehaviour are clearly communicated
  • co-operative and restorative approaches to resolving conflict are encouraged.