Our School - Principal's Welcome

Mary MacKillop Primary School opened in 1995, the same year St Mary of the Cross MacKillop was beatified.

Inspired by the charisms of Mary MacKillop, we believe that ‘We must teach more by example than by word’ (MM 1867). Australia’s first saint, and co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph, Mary displayed courage and strength in standing up for what she believed was right and fair. She never saw a need without doing something about it.  

Our Catholic school values describe the way in which Mary lived her life faithful to the gospels and teachings of Jesus:

  • Be Respectful - ‘Let us really love one another’ Mary MacKillop (1890)
  • Be Responsible - ‘Do your best and God will bless your efforts’ Mary MacKillop (1889)
  • Be Compassionate - ‘More than ever we should be humble and patient, charitable and forgiving’ Mary MacKillop (1884)
  • Be Courageous - ‘Have courage'; 'Do not be afraid’ Mary MacKillop (1873)
  • Be Problem Solvers - ‘Keep your mind in peace’ Mary MacKillop (1890)
We are inspired to live these values through our everyday interactions.
The families of our school's diverse community represent over 50 different nationalities. As a Catholic school, we are committed to understanding and learning about our Catholic beliefs and traditions, and to engaging in dialogue with children and families of all creeds and practices about what these mean for us as a community of faith in the present day.
Our school is committed to developing a safe and supportive learning environment. We undertake to develop the whole child by nurturing a learning community in which members grow together.
At Mary MacKillop Primary School, we commit to all children's academic, spiritual, social and emotional learning needs. We provide adjustments in learning opportunities and experiences, enabling children to experience personal growth based on an individual's skills, knowledge and stage of development.
Within our collaborative, student-centered learning culture staff members are challenged to develop their professional practice. Our expert teaching staff engage all students in meaningful, relevant and challenging learning experiences, ensuring improved student performance within clear, high, whole-school expectations.
Our contemporary learning facility is situated on over three and a half hectares, ensuring our children can enjoy the space to move freely within a range of play areas. Our facilities include a grassed oval, an all-weather, multi-surfaced playing oval/running track, a basketball court and varied adventure playground style equipment. Other indoor facilities include a hall/indoor courts, gymnasium and multi-purpose complex.
Our modern, flexible learning spaces encourage a love of learning. Children learn to work in respectful relationship with each other and the staff.
Mary MacKillop Primary School utilises current digital technology across our school as a tool to improve and support student learning. Our school uses the Google suite of applications to enhance student learning and to engage in contemporary learning opportunities. The children have access to one Chromebook computer between every two children from Foundation to Year 6.
Mary MacKillop Primary School is a great place to be. We are proud of our children, our school and our community.
Liz Jones