Learning & Teaching - Design Principles

At Mary MacKillop Primary School all learning experiences are developed based on the following design principles. These design principles identify what we believe must be considered, at all times, when planning for student learning.

Absolute (non-negotiable)


As a faith community we are committed to the academic, social and spiritual learning of 100% of students 100% of the time.


We are committed to the progression of learning through the full implementation of the Sale Diocese Religious Education Curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum, which has entitlement for all and promotes high expectations for every student.

We are committed to targeted and explicit teaching to ensure high expectations and achievement of outcomes for every student, using high quality data to personalise learning.



We are committed to all teachers as leaders who utilise purposeful feedback to enhance professional growth that supports expert teaching practice.  

We are committed to working in teams to collaboratively plan for engaging and purposeful teaching.  


We are committed to engaging in continuous dialogue with each other, students, parents and the wider community to maximise learning.



At Mary MacKillop Primary School we commit to building the capacity of all staff through:


  • creating sustainable structures that support the professional learning of all staff in enacting the CEOSale Religious Education and Victorian Curriculum

  • creating a culture of high expectation, collaboration and teamwork that leads to improved teacher practice, incorporating evidence of learning, teacher feedback and collegial reflection

  • using evidence to ensure expert teacher practice,  through the analysis of student learning outcomes, leading to targeted teaching, student feedback and high expectations that caters for all students, all of the time