Learning & Teaching - Specialist

iLC (I Learning Centre)

The Mary MacKillop Primary School iLC is a learning space utilised by all classes. This area provides flexible learning areas incorporating contemporary Information Technology to support learning. Classes attend weekly book borrowing sessions in the iLC. A love of reading all types of literature is valued and promoted.


Information, Communication and Technology

Information communication and technology devices are utilised in all classrooms as tools to support contemporary learning. Wireless technology across the school allows for easy access to mobile devices. Mary MacKillop utilises current digital technology across our school as a tool to improve and support student learning. Our school uses Google's suite of applications to support student learning and engage in contemporary learning opportunities. The children have access to one Chromebook computer between every two children from Foundation to Year 6.


The Arts

While the Arts is incorporated into the Inquiry Learning process, each grade from Foundation to Year 6 receives additional specialist learning support in the the Arts. Each grade participates in weekly lessons designed to provided specific support in the areas of music, drama and visual arts.


Physical Education

Physical Education is taught from Foundation to Year 6 as a specialist subject. All children participate in weekly lessons designed to address physical fitness and motor skills, which form part of the Victorian Curriculum.



Japanese is taught as the specialist language subject from Year 3 to Year 6. Through this program children develop communications skills while also developing a knowledge of the role of language and culture in communication.


Contemporary Learning

Contemporary learning as a specialist subject incorporates and supports digital learning and deepens learning opportunities for children in the Foundation to Year 2 level. Here children are provided with weekly lessons to expand their understanding related to the Inquiry being taught within the levels and to engage with a variety of digital tools.

Extracurricular Activities

Mary MacKillop also offers addition specialised programs and learning opportunities, including:

  • intensive swimming program for Years Foundation-2 students
  • opportunities for Years 3-6 to participate in district, zone and regional sporting events, such as athletics, swimming, soccer and cricket, as well as interschool sporting competitions
  • biannual productions and performances
  • biannual Arts Festival
  • extensive camp program.