School Community - School Advisory Board

The Mary MacKillop Primary School Advisory Board operates as the principal consultative and advisory body in the school.

The Mary MacKillop Primary School Advisory Board is accountable to the parish priest/canonical administrator. This body acts as an advisor on strategic planning, and as a support to the principal and general leadership, in policy considerations and in school renewal and development. Its purpose, ultimately, is to serve and work toward the mission and vision of Mary MacKillop Primary School.

The purposes of the Mary MacKillop Primary School Advisory Board are to:

  • act as an advisory body to the parish priest and principal on matters concerning Catholic education in the parish
  • act as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in Mary MacKillop Primary School
  • provide a link between the parish priest, principal, teachers and parishioners in relation to the provision of Catholic education in the Mary MacKillop Primary School community
  • promote community development by fostering a strong interrelationship between parish and Mary MacKillop Primary School, Catholic secondary colleges and pre-schools.




Date Appointed / 2019 Role

Maya Giampa

2018 / 2019 - Chairperson

Anna Hennett

2018 / 2019 - Secretary

Jamie Vena

2017 / 2019 - Parent Representative

Katrina Collins

2018 / 2019 - Parent Representative

Lynette Bell

2018 / 2019- Parent Representative

Sarah De Koning

2018 - 2019 Staff Representative

John Antonopoulos

2017 / 2019 - Co-opted Parent Representative